Clifford May
Clifford May
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Interviews & Speeches

Title Publication Date
Is Al-Qaeda Defeated? CNN October 19, 2012
The U.S.-Pakistan relationship following the raid that killed Osama bin Laden CBC: Power & Politics May 10, 2011
Did enhanced interrogation methods lead to Osama bin Laden? MSNBC: The Ed Show May 10, 2011
Strategy in Afghanistan after bin Laden CNN Newsroom May 6, 2011
The Situation in Pakistan and Afghanistan The Fred Thompson Show October 19, 2009
Cliff May Interviews Jonathan Schanzer on Hamas vs. Fatah C-Span: Book TV June 7, 2009
America's Waterboarding Techniques The Daily Show April 28, 2009
Weighing in on Torture Fox News: Studio B April 22, 2009
May and Buchanan debate the Hamas-Israel War MSNBC: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue January 8, 2009
Does Hamas need to be defeated to guarantee peace? Fox News: Studio B December 29, 2008
Tortured attorney general nominee MSNBC: Lion's Den October 31, 2007
Don't we have a war czar? MSNBC: Tucker Carlson April 11, 2007
Interview with Clifford May on the Hezbollah-Israel War Bridges for Peace July 25, 2006
Banning Sharia? February 10, 2006
Kamber and May Discuss Supreme Court Nominee CNN: American Morning July 20, 2005
Kamber and May Discuss CIA Leak Scandal CNN: American Morning May 18, 2005
President Bush Considers Inviting Iran Into World Trade Organization CNN: American Morning February 28, 2005
Debates over Iraq Strategies Focus on Rumsfeld CNN: American Morning December 20, 2004
Iraq: Fight or Flight? October 29, 2004
Interview with Cliff May, Foundation for the Defense of Democracies Echo Chamber Project July 28, 2004
Decision 2004: AIADA Political Roundtable Debate Automotive Congress May 16, 2004
Will David Kay's Report Hurt President Bush? Fox News: The O'Reilly Factor January 27, 2004
President Bush says the major combat in Iraq is over CNN Saturday Morning News May 3, 2003
Anti-American sentiment in South Korea CNN January 18, 2003
Is Saddam Hussein a clear and present danger CNN Sunday Morning September 8, 2002
Interview With Clifford May CNN Sunday Morning September 8, 2002
Mixed reviews of Bush's European trip CNN: Crossfire May 31, 2002
Key Element in Any War is Propaganda and Public Relations CNN Live at Daybreak November 7, 2001

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