Clifford May
Clifford May
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Audio & Video Clips

Title Publication Date
Is Al-Qaeda Defeated? CNN October 19, 2012
The U.S.-Pakistan relationship following the raid that killed Osama bin Laden CBC: Power & Politics May 10, 2011
Did enhanced interrogation methods lead to Osama bin Laden? MSNBC: The Ed Show May 10, 2011
Strategy in Afghanistan after bin Laden CNN Newsroom May 6, 2011
Will attacks on Christians in Egypt spark more violence? Fox News: Hannity January 3, 2011
Are we winning in Afghanistan? CNN: Parker/Spitzer December 28, 2010
The Situation in Pakistan and Afghanistan The Fred Thompson Show October 19, 2009
Cliff May Interviews Jonathan Schanzer on Hamas vs. Fatah C-Span: Book TV June 7, 2009
America's Waterboarding Techniques The Daily Show April 28, 2009
Weighing in on Torture Fox News: Studio B April 22, 2009
May and Buchanan debate the Hamas-Israel War MSNBC: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue January 8, 2009
Does Hamas need to be defeated to guarantee peace? Fox News: Studio B December 29, 2008
Tortured attorney general nominee MSNBC: Lion's Den October 31, 2007
Don't we have a war czar? MSNBC: Tucker Carlson April 11, 2007
Interview with Clifford May on the Hezbollah-Israel War Bridges for Peace July 25, 2006
Decision 2004: AIADA Political Roundtable Debate Automotive Congress May 16, 2004

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